Dispensing Starter Pack

Dispensing Starter Pack


Product Description


Not sure where to start? This pack has been designed for students and new practitioners as a convenient way of purchasing a few of the items, so that you can try them out before ordering larger quantities.

It contains everything you are likely to require when dispensing remedies: our most frequently requested sizes of pillules, bottles, labels, and an array of samples. 

The DSP contains:

  • SL56 x 250g Sugar Pillules   
  • S5 x 20 4g Glass Bottles   
  • S10 x 20 8g Glass Bottles   
  • S1SC x10 2g Clear Glass vial with Screw Cap   
  • P1 x 100 Plastic Clear Dispensing Envelope   
  • WM1 x 25 White Paper Envelope   
  • M1 x 25 Manilla Envelope   
  • A1, A2, B, E Labels: 1 Sheet of each   
  • DA5 x 5 Dropper Assemblies (for S5 bottles)   
  • DA10 x 5 Dropper Assemblies (for S10 bottles)   
  • D30, 30ml Amber Moulded Dropper Bottle   
  • DD, White Plastic Dosage Dispenser   
  • PF, Plastic Funnel for filling bottles with SL56 pillules   
  • SL22, T1, ST1 Samples of alternative pillule types