About Us

Hi a little bit of background about myself and how my business started and has grown to this present day.

In retail from 8yrs of age, I loved helping in the family store.  I had my own counter just inside the door of our fairly large store.    We sold everything from Food  / Newsagents to Hardware / Drapery.   No supermarkets then just local stores.  Our customers were also our neighbours. 

A great social networking opportunity at such a young age and I loved it.   Serving the needs of everyone nearby in those early days -  I continue today to do likewise as my passion for sales and communication is still very much alive with Homeopathy Supplies Ireland.ie 

In my College years as a Student of Homeopathy with The Irish School Of Homeopathy I started buying my own remedies and supplies and the word spread.

In my final year Jan 2002 I was made redundant and decided to focus on my finals and my growing business.       It grew organically from the start and continues growing with the needs and requests I receive.

I now supply a wide range of Homeoapthy Supplies:

Coming soon College Curriculum Books 

Recently my son Gary came on board with his expertise in Management and Technical Skills.  He has customised the website to date and is updating it for your convenience and service so we can continue to supply quality in all areas

Any requirements not already met with the website please don’t hesitate to contact us.  Your request will be dealt with and we will do our very best to source your  supplies.

Jean Blake LIC HOM . ISHOM

Director of Homeopathy Supplies Ireland