Spectrum of Homeopathy 2013-I, New Life

Spectrum of Homeopathy 2013-I, New Life

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Perinatal homeopathy

The natural process of adaptation following the birth of a new baby presents the mother and child with special challenges, with more potential for danger to body and soul than most other phases of life. Homeopathy offers a multitude of approaches to deal with this critical period, helping to cope with complications in pregnancy, birth, and the initial phase where the baby has to adapt to the outside world.

For many doctors and midwives, homeopathic remedies are a natural first choice to deal with problems during birth and lying in. Proven indications, especially in emergency cases, are a valuable tool. On the other hand, the profound effect of a well-chosen individual prescription can help correct underlying difficulties in adaptation and provide the baby with a solid grounding in life. The full range of homeopathic treatment in the perinatal phase from acute prescription to constitutional treatment is presented in this issue of SPECTRUM.

128 pages, issue
published: 2013
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