Sankaran's Method in a Nutshell - DVD

Sankaran's Method in a Nutshell - DVD


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By Rajan Sankaran

The Sensation Method: a 40 minute synopsis by Rajan Sankaran in an interview with Heidi Brand

The homeopath Rajan Sankaran has a worldwide reputation as an innovative thinker and has been a highly influential figure within homeopathy over the past ten years. In this interview he elucidates his concept of case-taking leading to prescription and invites therapists to listen with their heart to what comes ‘from the stillness’. Through the method of the Vital Sensation the practitioner can lead the patient to their deepest sensations and so acquire the information for their curative remedy.
Interview videoed at Rajan Sankaran’s Badenweiler seminar on April 25th & 26th, 2009. DVD, 37 minutes.