Rise And Shine 15ml

Rise And Shine 15ml


This essence is to remind you, as soon as you open your eyes in the morning, to focus on new potentials instead of looking back at the way life used to be.

Lots of tools for creating a new paradigm are available to us now, all it takes is for us to keep the new paradigm and all potentials in our focus on a daily basis.

Rise & Shine contains a mix of the following essences, click on the names to find out more : Champion, New Energy 3, New Energy 6, Pop, Diamond Light, Is-ness, Safe, Bubble of Love, Gratitude, Live & Let Live, Pink 1, Pink 6, Pink No 9 Shungite (not sold as single essence)

in a 15ml/1/2oz dropper bottle of distilled water and vodka (ABV 20%).  

This is stock strength and should be diluted before use.