Homeopathy for Birth Trauma by Harry van der Zee

Homeopathy for Birth Trauma by Harry van der Zee


Harry van der Zee's new book explores the significance of birth and its effects on individual life, humanity and the planet. Inspired by the works of Stanilas Grov, Carl Jung, Michel Odent and Eileen Naumann, and based on his own experience, his miasmatic theory demonstrates how the analysis of the birth process can lead to new insights into the nature and purpose of miasms.

The publisher:
A new book from the author of 'Miasms in Labour'. The significance of birth for good health later in life and the role homeopathy can play before, during and after birth is worked out in this challenging book.

A wide variety of topics concerning conception, pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period are being discussed, illustrated by a selection of fascinating cases in which the birth history plays a crucial role.

The book emphasizes how true it is that 'we are as we are born' and shows the practical implications this fact has for birthing, homeopathic treatment during birth and homeopathic case taking later in life.

Conception, pregnancy and the birth process together are the blueprint of life and recognizing their dynamics in a case helps understanding the fundamental themes in the life of the individual.

Pages: 200 pages, paperback
weight: 615g