Bitten in the Soul

Bitten in the Soul


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Bitten in the Soul, Experiences With Spider Remedies - Secondhand

By MassimoMangialavori & Hans Zwemke


Dott. Massimo Mangialavori has been practicing Homeopathic Medicine since 1985 and maintains offices in Bologna and Castel del Piano, Tuscany, Italy. He is an internationally renowned homeopath, regularly lecturing in Europe, the United States and Canada, South America, Israel and Japan.

Reflected in his seminars and books is Mangialavori’s avid curiosity and love of deep, analytical thought on various subjects including anthropology, natural history, complexity theory, myth, psychology, literature, among others. While in medical school he developed an interest in medical anthropology and traditional healing, joining a group of anthropologists, psychologists, and herbalists in Peru for further study. While there he sought out indigenous healers, eventually encountering a homeopath in Columbia who helped to inspire his current path.

Mangialavori’s love of homeopathy reflects his broad range of interests. Exploring the natural history, the traditional use and myths connected with the substances affords deeper understanding of the related homeopathic remedies. Complexity theory helps describe the ‘intricate systems’ of patients, remedies and the natural substances from which remedies are derived. And his remedy descriptions are informed by psychology, particularly psychoanalysis and object relations.

Mangialavori divides his time between Bologna and his permaculture olive farm in Tuscany in the shadows of Mount Amiata. The horses that share the Pachamama Farm offer the opportunity for Massimo to quiet his mind as he rides through the rolling hills and valleys. In Modena, he produces an award-winning balsamic vinegar from a battery over 50 years old.

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