The Distant Shore

The Distant Shore

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By Colm Keane


The Distant Shore - the follow-up to Colm Keane's No. 1 bestseller Going Home - is packed with a wealth of new Irish stories about life after death. The book features over 70 original interviews with people from all corners of Ireland, north and south. Some have briefly died, only to be revived by resuscitation techniques. Reunions with deceased family and friends, and encounters with a `superior being', are described. The book also examines new evidence concerning near-death experiences. In a further departure, the book features astonishing premonitions of future events. Visions of dead family members are also described. This book was inspired by the huge response to Colm Keane's No. 1 bestseller Going Home - a groundbreaking book that remained a top seller for many months. Containing new material and insights, The Distant Shore is indispensible reading for those wanting to know what happens when we pass away.