Organon of Medicine (Softcover)

Organon of Medicine (Softcover)

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By Samuel Hahnemann

Word Index Included 5th & 6th Edition Combined


Written by Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, The Organon of Medicine is the cornerstone of homeopathic principles and practice, and used by homeopathy students and practitioners. We provide this important book here free of charge and in digital format, so that it can be enjoyed by all interested in homeopathy.

From the cover
The Organon developed slowly out of Hahnemann's research and experimentation over a period of time. It underwent as many as six editions. This sixth edition incorporates the latest findings of Dr Hahnemann during his dying years and deemed to be the most perfect of all. Many newer concepts like replacement of the vital force by vital principle, the 50th millesimal sale of potency and permissibility of external applications were introduced for the first time, which were unheard of in the other editions. The work is a result of the untiring effects of the master to improve and update his work and is of historical importance as far as the medical philosophy is concerned. It is the high water mark of medical philosophy, the practical interpretation of which produces a veritable mountain of light and guides the physician by means of the law of cure to a new world in therapeutics.

Read the master’s final views on homeopathic science in his own words! Various positive changes have been made to understand the subject in an easy and effortless way.


  • High on philosophy
  • Footnotes explaining difficult concepts
  • Evolution of medical science reinstated
  • Word Index for easy reference