Questions and Answers on Family Health ( Softcover)

Questions and Answers on Family Health ( Softcover)


Second Hand

This is the handbook for every household and was published in direct response to public demand. In this volume Jan de Vries uses all of his vast wealth of experience to answer hundreds of questions which have consistently been asked of him over the years, from varicose veins to the use of vitamin E, headaches to verrucae, from air and water pollution to the immune system ME, candida and other present-day problems. 

The foreword to this invaluable, easy-to-use reference guide is by Alfred Vogel, author of the popular manual,The Nature Doctor and himself mentor to Jan de Vries.

'He is a very balanced, measured man who is totally dedicated to his profession.'
Gloria Hunniford

'Jan de Vries, ‘guru’ of alternative medicine, whose methods have helped thousands suffering from conditions of asthma, arthritis, migraines, multiple sclerosis, viruses, cardio-vascular diseases.'
Marian Pallister, Evening Standard

'Why is de Vries so successful? He understands people are frightened of illness.'